Our story

A foundation of dirt, a foundation of trust.

Buildings are constructed from the ground up, and we believe genuine relationships of trust and friendship are created the same way. At Pioneer we go beyond clean and have for the last three decades. We made a pledge to be a true partner to our very first client, and are committed to this promise as we embrace growth with over 175 partners. Over the years many things have changed, however we have continued to be bold, fair and honest. Our team ensures our people and partners are cared for like family as we strive for consistent and unparalleled levels of service.

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Company Highlights

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Our vision

Thousands of hearts
Millions of dreams
Unlimited innovation

Pioneer is an organization of thousands of hearts and each one contributes to the pulse of the organization - both past, present and future. Our success allows us to make dreams come true; the dreams of our employees to grow and thrive as well as the dreams behind every philanthropic organization we support. Our innovation creates endless opportunities to be something remarkable and leave a lasting legacy.

Our mission

Empower our
team to serve

We empower our team to serve our clients, each other and the community. Service is the cornerstone of our organization, and we believe our services should go beyond clean. Our frontline is our lifeline, and we treat one and other as family. Our dedication to the world around us drives the company culture in creating strong organic relationships which contribute to the success of our organization. We instill trust by supporting individual goals and promoting our people from within. We create opportunities as we push boundaries and consistently strive to be better. We are pioneer.

Our mission

Our values

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We lead with our heart

We put people first; we believe in being bold, fair and honest; we are quick to correct and slow to judge.

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We go beyond cleaning

We create opportunities by investing in the wellness of our people and innovating solutions.

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We cultivate partnerships

We build trust through our behavior and actions; we perform our best every day; we hold ourselves and others accountable. 

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We make an impact

We Invest 1% of our new sales back into our communities and organizations that bless lives; we strive to improve the places we live and work.

Locations we serve



Washington, D.C.